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"Always do your homework before getting to serious with                                             "We believe this is a great service to protect your                           someone you met on  a dating site"                                                                             self from on-line dating site scams"

Cheating Thai Girlfriend:
Dating Site Lier ?

Thai lady Scammer ?

So you  are thinking of having a Thai bride and youhave met a Thai Lady on a  online Thai dating site like or sounds fantastic,has a good job in a bank,lives at home in Bangkok with her mother and she is even studying at college in the evenings.

STOP! and think for a minute.
For a small investment now,you can get her checked out to make sure she is being honest with you. We carry out background checks on Thai ladies to see if they are married,have a boyfriend,have outstanding finance,other dating site accounts and generally we check if they are scammers. are the only Thailand Private Investigators in Thailand who offer this service, with our high level associates, we can access all details regarding to this Thai Lady.

Main Thai Dating Site Villans

We use Expert Private Investigators from various Thai cities.



              Contact us and give us the information regarding this Thai Lady.

     We give you a fixed price quotation,proceed with the case & report to you with all                                                                                                the information you need to make a sensible decision regarding this Thai Lady.

    Sit back and relax in the knowledge that you have not been scammed,

Is your new Thai Girlfriend Honest?

Did you meet her whilst she was on Thailovelinks,thaicupid,Dateinasia or Goodthaigirl?

Has she promised to finish work bar as long as you continue to send her money?.

Does she work in a Bangkok massage parlour or a Pattaya Bar

Do you have trouble contacting her ?

Is her phone off ?

Is she acting strange when you speak with,maybe you feel there could be another man in the room with her.

* Met in a gogo bar,nightclub,,Dateinasia,Goodthaigirl

*Doesnt answer her phone when you call,or wont show you her phone when you are with her,maybe she goes to another room when someone calls

*Constantly asks for money

*Hearing other mens voices in the background

*Wanting to know the exact date you will arrive in Thailand (arrange her other boyfriends)

*Doesnt have a regular job and is always online on

*Disappears for days at a time and says she was back in the village,Maybe she was with her other Boyfriend who she met on a Dating site.

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